One-on-One Counsel

Navigating spaces that hold racial tension is complicated.

Discussing the areas of your life where you feel stuck can be helpful. Together we will identify the conflict and develop anti-racist strategies so that you feel confident and well-equipped to navigate any inevitable racial tension.


Professional Development

Diversity has always been a means to an end—not the end goal itself

How our perception of race affects responsibilities, job performance, and satisfaction (and much more!) at work is a central theme in the work we will do together.


Family Healing

Conversations with family about race can be frustrating and disheartening.

The good news is that these issues are not impossible. In fact, they are the source for some of the most powerful transformational work.

That transformation starts when we prepare for conversations, are patient with our loved ones, and persistent through frustrating times.


Anti-Racist Parenting

Antiracist child rearing shows children of all races that they should accept the best for themselves.

Properly preparing our children for the world we leave behind has always included doing at least 15 years of schooling, teaching them manners, and making sure they know how to take care of themselves. Racial competency is now on the list. Role modeling anti-racism is a must for our future generations to succeed.


Whiteness Learning Groups

Learning that we are not alone in our quest for racial competency is empowering.

Within groups of white people, having the space to process the emotions we feel and the impact that we make leads to breakthroughs in understanding. Learning from one another is an essential step towards equity.


Mini Topic Trial

This work may sometimes feel like therapy.

The work you do in antiracism can be some of the most empowering work you do—and we expect it to get personal and uncomfortable at times. Finding the right match in doing this work is essential so please ask about our free one-hour trial sessions so you can see all the work we may do together!